Oh, and one more thing . . .

 I've noticed something on those endless inspirational quotes posted on Facebook that I've found extremely annoying.  Have you noticed that 99% of those quotes are illustrated with an impossibly beautiful young woman?  Usually with swirling, thick hair and often dressed as a Native American?  Or as an angel who, with the proper costume, could be on the cover of the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated?

You men don't fare any better.  If you're not a handsome warrior or a Gandhi look-alike, you're not going to find yourself illustrating those quotes, either.

It's been my experience that the wisdom offered up in those quotes comes from someone who has actually walked through some life experiences.  Those experiences show up in laugh lines, crow's feet, and gray hair.  They show up as double chins and spreading hips.  They show up as depth in the eyes and compassion in the voice.

I don't object to pretty - I love pretty!  Just once I wish illustrators would realize that wisdom often looks more like the Willendorf goddess than a supermodel.